How to choose the correct HND college…

The road to higher education is one that represents the first steps towards your future career. Selecting the right route to follow, therefore, is an important element of this journey. Knowing who to select as your HND course provider is also key. So, what should you look out for when selecting a HND course provider? Here, we take a look at five key factors to consider before embarking on your studies…

1. Timetable flexibility

Dedicating yourself to higher education is you committing to hard work over a fixed period of time. If you plan on working during your study, or have other commitments such as a young family, check the campus commitment of your HND provider, as you may not need to be be on campus 5 days a week. This will allow you the freedom to maintain control over your life, without having to make too many sacrifices.

2. Campus location

Signing up for study over a two or three-year period means regular attendance at a college or university campus. As such, the options open to you for attending such a facility is daily travel, or taking up residence nearby. The associated costs of accommodation and travel should be factored into your budget and may well help you to make your decision on the best HND course provider for you.

3. HND course selection

Selecting a HND course provider will depend upon those who are offering the particular course or subject you wish to study. However, you should also consider whether there are any facilities that enable you to transfer between courses, should you wish to do so. Similarly, you may choose to go on to study further once you’ve completed your course; if you select a facility that offers the next stage of your chosen path, the transition will prove a lot easier.

4. Study resources

Finding the right course provider for you is dependent on the way in which you learn best. Finding out more about the schedule and syllabus offered by your shortlisted providers may help you determine which one suits you best. For example, you may prefer a course that offers most of its lectures spread out during the week, or which offers more workshop-based study. Find out which provider best suits you and to help anticipate a more rewarding learning experience.

5. College community

It’s just as important to enjoy your learning experience as it is to achieve good marks. Find out what community and social activities are provided as establishing working relationships with others will prove vital to both your study and your career. You’ll be amazed at how beneficial it is to select an establishment that best meets your social needs.

Choose UKCBC as your HND college

The UK College of Business and Computing in London and Essex provides a rich and rewarding learning environment for all students. You can contact our team today to help steer your career in the direction you wish to head.

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  1. 27th March 2017


    i’m mr mohammed shahid ullah ,i’m so for my course in uk cbc college in london….it’s excelent college and alls of teacher’s and all’s of students…..and i would like to improve my life after finish my course…from uk cbc….thanks, m s ullah.

  2. 27th March 2017


    it’s best college in the uk ….. uk cbc

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