2017 marks the beginning of the end of the UK’s relationship with the EU. Some believe the end is nigh for graduates but is it true? Will the UK, and more specifically London, see ties severed with their closest allies, or will it be more a case of ‘business as usual’?

The short-term looks bright, if not wholly convincing, for the City as London’s financial market remains considerably ahead of its European competitors. Journalist Nils Pratley puts it down to ‘three decades of post-Big-Bang concentration in the UK’ that have solidified London’s place in the global financial market. It certainly looks like any disentanglement from the European market will take years to come into place, although the outcome of the general election will undoubtedly cause an impact.

London’s relative stability as the financial capital of Europe in 2017 looks set to combine with some more good news for Business graduates; HR Management moves into the top 10 of best prospective careers for graduates in the UK for 2017. For students on the UKCBC Business HND program, this means you’re gaining both the academic and practical experience that is sure to become extremely attractive to employers looking for HR Managers.

If you’re interested in hearing more about the UKCBC’s Business* course, then be sure to check out the course overview. Courses are available from 5 UKCBC locations in and around the London area, including our newest Central London campus in Holborn.

*BTEC Level 5 HND in Business

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