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London is an amazing city but can often seem restrictive because of its expensive prices. This can be especially tricky for students who are on a budget but want to enjoy London whilst studying. However, spending time in the beautiful capital doesn’t have to break the bank – there are plenty of great things to do in London that are all completely free this autumn.


London Museums

  • Museum of London; If you love London then you will love this museum as it takes visitors through the history of this great city (from 450,000 BC) to modern day. Enjoy a coffee in the London Wall Bar & Kitchen, wander around the famous bookshop and peruse the Victorian shopping arcade for a trip to a museum with a twist.


  • Science Museum; Visit the famous attraction for all things scientific, with a vast array of exhibits, currently you can explore the new exhibition ‘Wounded: Conflict, Casualties and Care’ which commemorates the centenary of this momentous battle. There are also plenty of interactive experiences so why not spend the day here and learn something new in an interactive setting.


  • National History Museum; See the large range of natural history specimens in this world famous centre. It’s admission free and great fun for all ages. Don’t miss the Dinosaur Gallery, where you can meet the roaring T.rex up close as well as discover amazing fossils and lifelike models. This is certainly one of the highlights and a must-see!


  • Grant Museum of Zoology; Fascinating for any animal or science lover, this university museum houses approximately 68,000 specimens from across the animal kingdom including skeletons and mounted animals. A lot of creatures exhibited are now endangered and even extinct, which means this may be your only chance to take a glimpse at the Tasmanian tiger, quagga and dodo.


London Galleries

  • Tate Modern; Forming part of the Tate group, this art gallery holds a range of international modern and contemporary art for your enjoyment. It has also just undergone a large transformation so even if you’ve visited previously, we recommend another visit! Explore ‘The Tanks’ and see performances and interactive art as well as video installations. Don’s miss the Viewing Level, where you can discover the awe-inspiring 360 views and admire London’s jaw-dropping skyline.


  • The Wallace Collection at Hertford House; This elegant town house hosts an array of fine paintings, armour and weapon displays, not to mention beautiful rooms that you can walk through and admire. It’s the perfect way to enjoy fine art in a historical setting.


  • National Portrait Gallery; Not to be confused with The National Gallery, this venue is solely dedicated to portraits, hence the name. Not just reserved for historical portraits, here you will find paintings of notable modern day figures including celebrities. You can enjoy the gallery after hours too with the ‘Late Shift’ every Thursday and Friday from 18.00-21.00, where you can grab a drink from the Late Shift bar (2 for 1), attend lectures, appreciate performance from resident DJs and listen to live music. There’s something new to be enjoyed each eve, so you could even make it a regular thing.



  • Camden Market; This famous street market is one of the most visited in London. Ranging from vintage clothes, alternative fashion and new designers to boutiques, not to mention the vast amount of food on offer, from contemporary Greek food to artisan breads and award winning brownies to Israeli coffee. There truly is something for everyone at Camden market, so whether you have money to spend or you’d prefer to wander around and soak up the atmosphere, you’re sure to have a fantastic experience.


  • Portobello Road Market; Portobello Road Market is the largest antiques market in the world! Over 1000 dealers are here selling all kinds of antiques and collectables. You can find every possible kind of antique and collectable here, so it’s great fun just wandering around and seeing what’s available, you needn’t spend any money.


  • Borough Market; This is a market dedicated purely to delicious food and is open Monday till Saturday. It’s full of amazing food options for you to try from fresh fish to exquisite chocolate and handmade pastries to specialist cheese and much more. If you’re on a budget, you’ll be pleased to know that there are plenty of samples to try and the traders are very friendly to talk to.



  • Mediatheque at BFI Southbank; Browse the British Film Institute’s archive of films completely free of charge. Just log on to one of the viewing stations and there are over 2500 items from television and film for you to choose from.


  • The Scoop; Visit this Amphitheatre which can seat about 800 people during Summer evenings to watch films, live music and theatre productions. Where else could you find such amazing entertainment for free?


  • Royal Festival Hall; Visit this venue on the South Bank to see a free exhibition or concert in a beautiful Grade I listed building. Don’t miss impressive views of the River Thames from the balcony area, which you’ll get to via a singing glass elevator. For something different, visit the Royal Festival Hive on the roof which houses a colony of honey bees.


  • Speakers Corner; Situated in the North-East corner of Hyde Park, come and watch a wide range of people speak about different subjects even if it’s just their own views on a matter. Anyone can choose to speak on any subject they like (if they comply with the law) and there are often discussions and debates sparked. So… why not join in, if you’re feeling brave!



  • Westminster Abbey and St Paul’s Cathedral; Whilst you would normally have to pay an entry fee to see these London landmarks, both are places of worship and hold daily services. They will never charge those who wish to worship so if you wish to attend a service, you can experience the elegance for free.


  • Houses of Parliament; Open to visitors, you should reserve seats ahead of time to be able to attend debates, take a tour or attend parliamentary sessions.


  • Somerset House; Sitting between the River Thames and the Strand, this spectacular Georgian building and courtyard can provide much fun in all seasons with its famous ice rink open during the Winter months and dancing fountains during the Summer as well as open-air concerts and films. You can also enjoy features of the building including elegant staircases, great views of the River Thames and a small gallery.


Walk and Explore

  • London Parks; London is blessed with masses of green space and some of the most beautiful parks in the world. St James Park offers great views of Buckingham Palace, Regents Park is expansive and gorgeous and Kensington Gardens includes features such as the Diana memorial playground and the Italian gardens.


  • The Southbank; Wander along the South Bank, situated along the River Thames and you’ll be amazed at quite how many of the London landmarks you can see! This includes the London Eye and County Hall amongst many more.


  • Trafalgar, Leicester Square and Piccadilly Circus; These three areas are located within a five minute walk of each other and provide you with attractions such as Nelson’s Column at Trafalgar and the famous advertising screen at Piccadilly.


People usually think London is an expensive place to spend time but there is such a vast city of parks, beautiful historical buildings and cosmopolitan culture that there are endless things to see without having to spend anything. So, what are you waiting for? Go and enjoy London for free!

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