Help When Taking an AAT Computer-Based Exam…

Many students choose to undertake AAT studies, but in order to fulfil the course requirement, exams are unfortunately unavoidable. The good thing is, AAT provides a flexible approach to achieving an AAT qualification. They allow students to sit computer-based tests at an approved assessment centre or with their training provider.

Not only can you choose a flexible approach when studying AAT, but our ten golden rules will help banish those nerves for good. Make exam life easier by following the ten simple steps below…

  1. Have a Date and Time

Make sure you have confirmation of the date and time of your test and details about when to arrive. You can then plan your revision.

  1. Practice, Practice, Practice

AAT provides plenty of sample assessments and past papers to practice with and help you get used to the format and wording of the tests, as well as to highlight any areas you may need further help in.

  1. Keep an Eye on the Clock

Know how much time you have and do a few of the practice tests under exam conditions, this will allow you to really focus on your time management.

  1. Revise whilst Information is Fresh

Don’t leave huge gaps between your studies and revision. Start revising as soon as possible whilst the knowledge is still fresh in your head.

  1. Be Aware of Course Content

Make a revision timetable for yourself so that you know you have enough time to cover all the topics you need to. Doing the practice tests will also help highlight any problem areas that require more of your attention.

  1. Get Extra Help with Any Areas You Are Struggling With

Access some of the fantastic support and study resources AAT and UKCBC has to offer. Student and revision support is available through tutorials, sample assessments and e-seminars. There’s plenty of support available to help fill in the gaps.

  1. Talk to Other Students

It’s always useful to talk to other AAT students going through the same process as you. Connect with them through our online AAT community for some extra support and advice via AAT discussion forums, Twitter and Facebook.  UKCBC always ensures there’s a comprehensive support network of students to help you.

  1. Know the Rules

Make sure you have a copy of all the rules about taking the computer-based tests and what exam conditions you will be working under.

  1. Practice Under Your Own Exam Conditions

Once you have all the information you need, practice under full exams conditions in a quiet area with no distractions. This will get you in the right frame of mind for the exam.

  1. Know Your Way There

If your test is in an unfamiliar venue, save the panic of getting lost on the day of the test by knowing exactly how to get there.

Whilst taking tests can be a daunting experience for UKCBC AAT students, preparation is the key to success. Ensure you have practised under exam conditions to help settle those nerves and get a restful night sleep before the test. AAT provides many support services for study and revision so access these as much as you can. Happy revising and good luck!

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